Maintenance Assistant Boodle's
28 St. James's Street SW1A 1HJ

Boodle’s is looking for an experienced Maintenance Assistant to join the team at the Club. The ideal candidate will have previous experience and be a proactive problem solver with good attention to detail.

Basic scope and purpose:
To work with the Head of Maintenance to ensure the timely and safe running of all maintenance operations within the Club and associated properties (staff accommodation). Additionally, to work with colleagues to ensure the security of the building, its contents and its personnel.

Main responsibilities:
• General maintenance – to carry out work throughout the clubhouse and No.27 (e.g. repairs and ad hoc decorating work).
• Regular walk-arounds – to carry out regular walk-arounds and inspections, ensuring that the Club is well maintained and safe both inside and out.
• Problem solving – to be proactive at solving maintenance issues throughout the Club.
• Regular testing – to carry out regular testing of Club equipment and systems (e.g. PAT testing, fire alarm testing etc.).
• Off-site work – to carry out occasional maintenance work off-site at the Club’s staff accommodation in W14.
• Security support – to work with colleagues to ensure the building, its contents and its personnel are safe and secure at all times.

Hours of work:
• 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday but flexibility will be required depending upon maintenance problems that arise. 
• Occasional earlier starts will be required when the Head of Maintenance is away (e.g. 6am start). 
• Some weekend work will be required to perform tasks that can only be carried out when there are no Members on site.

Essential skills/knowledge:
• Minimum 1 years’ experience as a Maintenance Assistant or handyman
• Knowledge of carpentry/joinery
• Knowledge of basic electrics
• Experience of painting and decorating
• Good command of English (spoken and written)

• Experience of hotels or private members’ clubs
• NVQ qualifications in carpentry

Fantastic benefits:
• Competitive salary
• Generous Staff Fund (bonus)
• Company pension scheme (employer contribution 6%, employer 2%)
• Life assurance (2 x annual salary)
• 32 days paid holiday (including bank holidays)
• On-going training and career development
• Monday to Friday working (occasional evenings)
• Complimentary meals on duty

*All applicants must be eligible to work in the UK

Maintenance Assistant




28 St. James's Street SW1A 1HJ


£27-33,750 (inc bonus)

Job Type

Full Time

Reporting To

Head of Maintenance

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  • Karim

    Front Hall - Senior Porter

    Karim has worked at the club since 2003 and is one of the first faces members and their guests see as they enter. I like it that the staff of the club are so helpful with members and guests, and reciprocal members,” he adds. “We have a very good reputation. People who come here often tell me they have recommended the club to their friends. People love the atmosphere… we build up relationships with them. It is more like a family”.

  • Agron

    Kitchen - Junior Sous Chef

    Agron started at the East India Club in mid-2000 as a student chef and has risen to Junior Sous Chef. Over the years the club has sponsored college attendance to complete NVQ’s in cookery and English language. Agron says ‘he is immensely grateful to the club for the opportunities it has given him’. What’s most important to him are the friends he has made at the club. “When you start work, you make friends,” he says. 

  • Teodulfo

    Maintenance Supervisor

    Teo began working at the club in housekeeping and soon moved into the maintenance team in 2002. His day begins at 6.30am where he completes a check of the building, checking all the lights in the club before reporting to reception to see if there have been any problems overnight in the bedrooms. Although it is an eight-hour-day the job offers variety and there is always something different going on.

  • Elias

    Senior Receptionist

    Elias began at the club in 2003 as a steward in the Drawing Rooms before moving to reception in 2008, working in a team of five during the day and evening. Elias likes the friendliness of members towards staff. I have done everything from first aid to security work with high-spirited members and guests. I think you can teach certain skills, but experience is the key to learning great customer service.

  • Beatrix


    Having worked at the East India Club for more than 22 years, Beatrix started in the Dining Room in 2005, and was sponsored on the wine and spirits education trust wine course. In moving to the reception team in 2011.  “I like the way that the staff in different departments are very close – like a big family. We look after each other. All the departments work together. They have to, and they have to have a good relationship.”

  • Adam

    Housekeeping - Linen Keeper

    Adam’s first job at the club was as porter in the Front Hall, after a year he moved to housekeeping and a more physical role as linen keeper.  Adam has grown to be an admirer of the club system. “I like the club because there is no owner,” he says. “All the members are the owners. “My colleagues here are like my family.”

  • Raj

    Raj joined the Victory Services Club in 2014 as a Reception Supervisor and is now the Front Office Manager. I've had an incredible journey working for the VSC. I started as a reception supervisor and only planned to work for the Club for six months because I wanted to go on sabbatical leave and pursue my MBA. However, I enjoyed working here so much that I made a significant decision to continue to be part of the team.

  • Alla

    Alla has been working in the housekeeping department for 13 years. I think my favourite thing about the Garrick Club is that Members respect the staff and they respect my work. The Club has a great atmosphere where everyone helps each other and as staff we get great benefits.

  • Kamil

    Kamil started at the Garrick Club in 2017 as a Maintenance Assistant and was promoted to Maintenance Manager during the Covid-19 pandemic. I come from a hotel background, so the work is similar, but the atmosphere is far more pleasant and the Members really take care of the staff. The ALC also shows great support for staff. I recently attended an event with staff from other Clubs in the same role as me and we got to enjoy a tour of two other Clubs which were undergoing some work. It was really interesting and it was great to meet people in similar roles. We now have a network group we can contact each other for help with suppliers and so on.